By Pamit Sangha | September 16, 2015

On a crisp August morning filled with bumbling bees, Portlanders gathered to get a glimpse into our distant-yet-right-under-our-nose future.

Presented by the folks at Willamette Week, TechFestNW 2015 featured both local and national tech luminaries lighting up the stage with mind-bending insights into everything from healthcare delivery reform to cold hard facts about the future of robotic uprisings (a la Terminator).

At least 800 attendees heard about the still-nascent innovations coming fast—from virtual reality to wearable drones (yes, you read that right)—to the industry’s latent push for greater diversity and gender equality.

But, of course, a conference is much more than just dope, geeky talks. The gorgeous Aug. 20-21 event made for an incredible place for people to connect with other human life forms.

Speak! was honored to help build awareness for the event and play a small part in helping grow its attendance to an all-time high. Our PR team enthusiastically handled media outreach and relations, helping spread the word before the event and facilitating interviews during and after.

Along the way, we also tamed the social media beast and ensured the event organizers were able to stay sane. For a peek at the coverage that continues to roll in, check out the TechFest NW page.

The sheer size of an event like this also gives enlightened pilgrims the age-long dilemma of finding someone to sit with. (Cue to the school cafeteria with the kid eating a PB&J by himself.) No one wants to be that kid, which is why it was so much about bringing people together. Nobody escaped without introducing themselves and their origins. Beverages were consumed. Binge-watching discussed. And a few people even got misty about the new Star Wars movie.


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