By Speak! Agency | March 22, 2018

ProKarma is a $500 million global company that builds IT solutions for some of the world’s most admired businesses. When they came to Speak!, the leadership team was rightly proud of the work the company was doing but they knew they had a branding problem. People didn’t know who they were and nearly all of their business came through word of mouth.

A brand is only as strong as its story.
Saddled with a dated look and a neglected website, the company needed a clear story and a distinctive look that would convey who they are and why they matter. Our first priority for ProKarma was to define the brand’s position and make it stand for something meaningful. After identifying that ownable point of difference and crafting a strong brand story, we would need to extend it to a logo and visual identity that would lead the company forward.

Out of the shadows, into the spotlight.
Working through a rigorous process of research, interviews, workshops, creative development and testing, we defined a space that ProKarma could own: Engineering Excellence.

Once we identified what made the company unique, we were off to the races. We crafted a brand anthem – “We Dare to Disrupt” – which inspired a logo, which sparked a visual language, which paved the way to a new website, which inspired 3,000+ employees to wave the same flag.


The new offset circle logo mark was inspired by “Dare to Disrupt” brand anthem.




Uncluttered design, bold messaging and simplified UI.


Rich colors, clear brand story, unique points of difference.


“We are very proud of the site and appreciate your leadership, creativity and endurance!
Thank you so much for all your hard work.”

Miz Nakajima
Marketing Director | ProKarma


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