By Speak! Agency | February 28, 2017

Since the end of 2016, the work at Speak! is looking more like a fine party buffet.

Now that we’re nearing our 10-year mark, it seems we’ve been dipping into the bowl of mixed nuts long enough to know exactly where our hands need to go. Maybe it’s existential ripple affect from Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction, but more likely it’s because the fruits of good work tends to drive more good work.

Either way, things are good.

Historically, Speak!’s sweet spot has been in the meat of the software and technology trades while B2C clients fill a dessert tray. Lately however, we’re getting the taste of full sweet and savory by capturing the interest of clients recognizing how effective marketing boils down to a principled approach to distilling (or creating or reinventing) and then delivering layers of hot and buttery fresh messaging and design.

We’re always hungry around here. Can you tell?

But who doesn’t like variety? Especially when it’s new and inspiring. Take our latest client work, for instance. These three exciting brands couldn’t be more different from one another:

Columbia Sportswear

Does Columbia really need an introduction? We’re proud as all get-out to be working with the Columbia retail team, delivering on brand consistency for merchandising displays and an in-store style guide, all of which are designed to further the consumer experience. Are we elated? Is Gert Boyle bad ass? Does it rain in the Pacific Northwest? Do we really need treadmills when we have wooded trails?

Dell EMC

Another household name, Austin-based Dell EMC came to us for a brand positioning and messaging makeover for their OEM division. Despite a condensed timeframe, we managed to squeeze in 20 hours of brand workshop time and are within days of rolling out a brand story that’s sure to strike a mighty chord. Given our experience with helping technology companies simplify their messages, we look forward to lasting and value-spreading marriage with our new BFFs at Dell EMC.


Pronounced grewn, this two-year-old crazy-success story makes fine chocolates infused with clear cannabis oil. Goodbye sativa-butter pot brownies. This is a whole new ball game. We’re talking decadent, high-quality, fair trade chocolate. In refining the company’s brand identity, tone of voice, and shooting original photography, we’re delighted to be creating a full range of collateral, website included which will launch later this year.

In conclusion, we like variety and reaching for mixed nuts. And, yes yes yes, we’d like to hear from you because we like taking friends to lunch. A lot.


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