By Speak! Agency | January 29, 2018

We named our company Speak! because it’s one of our favorite things to do – create brands that “speak” to humans’ reason, emotions, and passions. We love helping our clients build distinct and memorable brands which is why it’s so exciting that with Clutch, we’ve been able to hear our clients speak on behalf of our own agency.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers with the mission to identify the best agencies throughout the globe. Their research covers a wide variety of industries, including IT services and development, marketing and advertising, and branding. It’s highly competitive to stand out as a leading provider on their platform, especially for branding, in which there are hundreds of companies vying for a top spot in their ranking of the best brand consultants of 2018.

Speak!, to our great pleasure, is featured on Clutch as a leading branding agency through our commitment to delivering quality results for our partners and for our overall experience and expertise in the branding industry.

To measure our industry expertise, Clutch looked at our website for a description of the services we offer, a list of our esteemed clients, and for case studies of branding projects we’ve completed so far.

The greatest component to our ranking on Clutch, however, is our client reviews. Clutch is distinct from other reviews platforms because their analysts speak firsthand with our business partners to get a direct and personal understanding of their experiences working with our team. Their reviews are all published to our Clutch profile:

We’re incredibly excited about the feedback we’ve received from our clients so far and we could not be happier with the value we’ve gotten from being featured on Clutch. The branding projects we have in the queue now will surely only boost our placement on their ranking and the Speak! team feels more than ready to take on 2018.


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