By Paul Sandy | February 27, 2013

I’ve got some bad news for you. Your English teacher was right — you’re going to need those writing skills for the rest of your business life. Thanks to content marketing and social media, writing has become an integral part of B2B marketing. And the more content that gets produced, the harder it is to make your mark.

If you want to stand out in the avalanche of marketing, your B2B brand’s writing can’t fall flat (but chances are . . . some of it probably does.) Here’s how you can fix it:

Your problem: Business topics are boring!

The solution: Move past the general (duh-uh) stuff and get specific.

When it comes to content, B2C marketers have a bit of an edge. Which would you rather read: 7 Delightful Summer Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth or 5 Ways to Market to Your Target Audience.

But guess what? Your B2B content doesn’t have to be boring. Even if you’re selling cardboard boxes, you can think outside of the box (pun intended). You can easily get more interesting by moving past the general and getting specific — as specific as possible.

Instead of a broad article that tries to appeal to too many people at once (and ultimately gets watered down), keep narrowing the focus to find a hook. For example, rather than writing yet another ebook about Understanding the Basics of Business Analytics, consider writing What C-Level Executives Don’t Know About Big Data and the Costly Consequences. The more specific you are, the more interesting your content is.

Your problem: You focus on the tech and not the people.

The solution: Remember that B2B buyers are people, too.

Your B2B content isn’t about you or your products. It’s about your buyers, and those buyers are people. Truth: 100% percent of the people reading your content are people. The technical details of your B2B product or service are important, but you have to tie those details back to what they do for your customers.

So rather than How Our Mobile Testing Solution Helps You Save Time, consider writing 5 Ways to Save Time With Mobile Testing — and Make Your QA Director Proud, instead. Find ways to tie everything back to that person behind the decision.

Your problem: You’re writing as a faceless corporate voice.

The solution: Develop a personality.

B2B marketers often fall into using the dreaded “we.” It’s as if the entire marketing team got melded together in some freak microwave and metal spoon accident. We’re not a “we.” I’m Paul. Nice to meet you.

Be yourself. Put a name on it. Your B2B content instantly becomes more likeable when there’s some personality behind it. Skip the faceless corporate voice and develop your own unique style. This will help your buyers feel connected to you and your company.

There you have it: Three simple tips to pump up the interest and stave off boredom.

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