By Speak! Agency | March 16, 2016

“Our brand needs a refresh like crazy.” “Our identity is a high priority but it’s also on the back burner.” “Our entire look and feel is about to be mocked.”

We’ve heard it all. We understand. It’s real life.

Even as we’ve extended our offerings into inbound marketing and public relations, bringing clarity to a brand identity is at the heart of we do. We love it. In fact we care about it so much, here’s a few basics to help start your own discovery:

Brand position
Lofty-sounding or not, it’s where everything starts. Being able to describe your business may seem obvious, but if you had to list three adjectives to help someone understand how your brand differs from the competition, begin here. If you had to communicate just one thing about your product or service, are you able to do it?

Tougher than it seems. Aside from knowing your primary customer, can you describe their characteristics and their challenges? This is where personas can have a major impact.

Sure, you can name your competition, but have you studied the things you admire about them? What’s your biggest disadvantage? Get past why you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Instead, figure out the potential gaps before your competitors or customers do—and then figure out how to get after it.

You’ve heard about “influencing the influencers” for a good reason: No matter what your company does or sells, it’s inevitable that you’re going to need to communicate to a variety of types and personas. To add to the equation, consider where each persona is in the buying cycle. There are nuances to tap. Each person deserves a focused, tailored message. Do you know which publications and websites your customers read? What events they’re attending? The questions keep coming. Knowing your primary audience—and their influencers—is a vital component if you’re ready to capture them. It sounds obvious, but are you as intimate with it as you need to be?

There you have it: a quick and dirty chalk talk to start the dialog. We’re here to help (always). So, when you’re ready to talk personas, galvanize tight messaging, and stir some hearts and minds, let’s talk for real.

And if it’s as simple as giving your brand mark some TLC, we’re all over that too.

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