By Speak! Agency | December 20, 2016

“We rise by lifting others,” said Robert Ingersoll.

As dangerously close as this comes to a cliché, we’ll say it anyway: peace on Earth starts with one kindness at a time.

With a holiday season that kicked off—more or less—with an electoral earthquake and a wake of tremors all over the world, followed by crazy weather for good measure, we bring you what we’d like to believe is a holiday pep talk.

Our little inspiration starts with Jason muscling up a fresh-cut spruce into our conference room. And then decking its branches with lights and hang tags inscribed with gift suggestions for a local family of five.

Thanks to the good people of Christmas Family Adoption Foundation, Speak! has established its own holiday tradition: to help get gifts under the tree of a family in need.

On Monday, a few elves of Speak! delivered dozens of wrapped presents to a single mother who opened the door beaming with thanks. Humbling, yes. And such a big reminder of the riches found in the smallest of gestures.

Because who doesn’t feel richer by giving? No one.

Like my mom used to say, there’s no simpler ornament for our soul than giving thanks. So, there you have it. On behalf of Speak!, we’re feeling mighty grateful because we have so much to be grateful for. So, to you: thank you. We wish you hugs and laughs, peace and joy, to you and all those you hold near.

Merry everything, everybody!

Christmas at Speak!
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